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Yoni Steam

Yoni Steam

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The use of this unique blend of herbs act to increase blood circulation, thin mucus and cleanses entire reproductive system. It's a natural, organic and holistic way to relieve menstrual pain, postpartum pain, stress and gynecologicial inflammation.


red rose petals-antimicrobial properties, tones and nourishes womb 

Rosemary: treats bacterial infection, speeds wound healing, and stimulates menstruation.

Mugwort: helps to balance ph, supports womb, relieves toxicity

Motherwart:-regulates menstruation

Yarrow leaf: reduces heavy menstrual bleeding and pain, woks as an astringent, tonifying, aides in treating ovarian cysts and supporting overall uterine health.

Calendula flower: anti-inflammatory properties

Directions: Boil 8 cups of water, add herbs. Steep for 15 minutes, pour into clean bowl or steam seat. Ensuring that the steam isn’t too hot wrap towel around waist and steam for 20 mins.

Recommend to use right after menstruation or once monthly.


Disclaimer: Please do not use if your pregnant, nursing, on menstrual cycle or have infection present. This product is not meant to cure any infections. Consult with your doctor to verify this product will not interfere with any medications or medical conditions. Please discontinue use if any irritation occurs. 

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